“Best. Entrance Song. EVER!!!”

Sarah James Cellist in the gardens at the Bedford lodge hotel near Newmarket.
Sarah in the gardens of the Bedford Lodge Hotel near Newmarket.

When it comes to the entrance of the Bridal Party, we firmly believe that, if possible, the couple should choose a song that is special to them. Perhaps it’s a song that they heard when they first met or the first song they danced to, or perhaps they can relate to the lyrics (take “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, we’re sure all couples can relate to that one!). Maybe they just both really like the song! 

Whatever the reason, you can be sure that there won’t be a dry eye in the room, because everyone will know that this song is ‘their song’. 

Generally, Brides & Grooms tend to go for a slow-paced song, which is after all ideal for slowly walking down the aisle to. However, sometimes we come across couples who’s song is an upbeat one. When this happens we ask them if they would like us to slow it down for them, or if they would like the original upbeat tempo. Whatever they go for, we always stand by their decision and do our best to help them create a Ceremony to remember. 

At the wedding we played for last Friday at the Bedford Lodge Hotel near Newmarket, our couple requested a bespoke song for the Bride to walk down the aisle to. It was an upbeat song, however on this occasion, we didn’t ask if they wanted a slower version. We were pretty sure they wanted the original… because they asked for ‘Mahna  Mahna’ from The Muppets Show!

Mahna Mahna from the Muppets Show. About halfway through the track people realise what it is and start laughing (and so does Sarah!). What a lovely moment.

Certainly a very different approach to the entrance of the Bridal Party, but for them it was the perfect way to start their Wedding Ceremony. Both Bride and Groom were a bit nervous beforehand, so having an upbeat and light-hearted song for the entrance of the Bride was a lovely way for them to relax and connect even before she had gotten to the top of the aisle. At first the guests were a bit confused, I think they were expecting something a little more slow and romantic. However, once we got going with the chorus everyone got the joke and just burst out laughing! The atmosphere was incredible, there was such a lovely feeling of warmth, love and friendship in the room and at the end people were walking out shouting “Best. Entrance Song. EVER!!!”

Violinist Jaya Hanley at Bedford Lodge Hotel.
It was SUPER hot during the drinks reception at the Bedford Lodge Hotel.
violinist at Bedford lodge hotel.
Jaya trying to stay cool in the shade.

It’s not the first time we’ve played a lighthearted entrance song, sometimes slow romantic songs just aren’t a couple’s style. We are passionate about making sure the entrance music fits a bride and grooms’ personality, we think it’s important to choose music that reflects you as couple and not whatever the current trend might be.

Cellist Sarah James in a dress from seasalt.
Sarah’s dress is another one from Seasalt.

Another “Best Entrance Song!”

At our second Wedding of the weekend at Woodhall Spa Manor, the entrance of the Bride was the polar opposite, but in no way any less special! It was incredibly emotional and romantic. The Bride had asked us if we were willing to accompany the maid of honour as she sang How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding, we of course, said absolutely!

Woodhall Spa Manor
Woodhall Spa Manor. An incredible venue.
outdoor wedding ceremony at Woodhall Spa manor.
This fairytale glade was the Ceremony space at Woodhall Spa Manor. Gorgeous!

So, let’s set the scene, a stunning outdoor space surrounded by trees at Woodhall Spa Manor with a stylish little fairytale gazebo. Birds chirping, the fountain of the pond burbling as koi swam around the water-Lillies. Could you get a more perfect space for a Ceremony?

A quick scan of the ‘Ceremony Room’ before guests arrived.

After discussing logistics we decided that it would be best for the Maid of Honour to walk down the aisle first while we played the introduction to the song and then she could sing the remainder of the song while the rest of the bridal party made their entrance. Originally, the Bride wondered if the Chief Bridesmaid could sing while walking down the aisle, but Jaya can attest to the fact that singing while walking down a gravel path in high heels is definitely a recipe for disaster!

wedding gazebo at woodhall spa manor.
Could you get any more picturesque?!
fountain lilies and koi pond at woodhall spa manor.
The fountain and the birds chirping created such a peaceful atmosphere. Jaya tried to get a picture of some of the koi but they were too sneaky for him. Can you tell that he basically got in the pond to take this picture?

Well, there wasn’t a dry eye in the forest! Katie did a brilliant job singing, and it was just perfect. We thought we’d share the whole video with you as it was just spectacular. (Please excuse the crunching gravel, the microphone we were using is a bit rubbish, but, we’ve just bought a new one so audio quality from now on should be much better!)

How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding Violin, Cello and Vocals. We can’t help but tear up when we watch this. Such a lovely idea. We love working with singers.

It was scorching that day, and it was quite a big garden, so we stayed in the shade of the Manor and used our portable PA for amplification while we played for the drinks reception and photos. We love that the Bride chose so many great classics for her drinks reception. We hop you enjoy these clips. 😊

I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons.
Stand By Me – Ben E King. The Bride and Groom chose some great songs. This is just a classic.
My Girl – The Temptations. Another Wedding Classic!

So, what song would you choose for walking down the aisle? A light-hearted song (perhaps even a joke?!) or something more emotional? Let us know in the comments!

Beautiful flowers on the Grand Staircase at Woodhall Spa Manor.
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