The Adventures of The Chapel Hill Duo: 2

The Chapel Hill Duo at the Cupid's Autumn Weddings fair at the Springfields event centre.
It’s Wedding fair season and we’ve got some top tips on how to make the most of the Weddings fairs you attend.

This week has certainly been quieter than the last, but by no means less exciting. The one Wedding we played at took place at The Knights Hill Hotel near Kings Lynn, we were booked to play during the Wedding Breakfast and as evening guests arrived.

Africa – Toto Violin & Cello Cover Version. What a tune.

The Bride had told us that when she was young she had wanted to learn how to play the Violin, however it was never possible.

Violinist jaya hanley giving a violin lesson to a bride on her wedding day. Bride laughing.
Playing the Violin is much harder after a few glasses of prosecco.

This came up several times throughout our communication, as well as on the day, it was clearly a big regret for her. So, when we had finished our performance, Jaya approached her and asked if she would like to have a quick lesson on his Violin.

Violinist jaya hanley giving a violin lesson to a bride on her wedding day.
The Bride got the hang of it eventually, another few years of practice and she’ll be giving us a run for our money!

Her face lit up! People gathered to watch as the happy Bride proudly bowed the open strings of Jaya’s Violin. The Groom whispered to Sarah “she’s always wanted to play the Violin, you’ve made her day you know!” as these pictures were taken.

Violinist jaya hanley giving a violin lesson to a bride on her wedding day. Full length dress shot.
What a stunning dress.
Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding Violin & Cello Cover Version.

This week we also saw the beginning of the Wedding Fair season! As we’re in the process of planning our own Wedding we’ll be the first to admit that Wedding Fairs can be VERY overwhelming! With so many stalls and suppliers approaching you left, right and centre, it can be really difficult to sift through the chaos and identify the things that really make you feel excited. So, we thought we’d offer some friendly advice on how to navigate your way around a Wedding Fair.

music stand in foreground. Cellist sarah james in background talking to bride and groom.
Sarah talking to a Bride-to-be about her entrance song.

If you’re right at the beginning of your planning and you haven’t set a date yet, you can go about Wedding Fairs one of two ways…

  1. Look at EVERYTHING. Go to as many Fairs as you can and spend the whole day (with breaks of course!) taking your time moving from exhibitor to exhibitor, grab all the brochures, leaflets and business cards you can. Take the time to speak to the suppliers, even if you haven’t got any specific questions yet, it can be good to get to know people. You could be spending a lot of time working with them in the future and on the day itself, especially photographers! At the end of the day, order a takeaway, get the beer/wine in and get down to organising things. Make a pile for venues, photographers, dresses, cakes, music etc. that way you can look at each area individually and compare suppliers later on.
  2. Limit yourself to finding two things – finding a venue and booking a date. This may be something that you’ve already worked out, or you feel you can accomplish at home on the internet. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular for venues to exhibit at larger Wedding Fairs, and as with photographers it can be good to meet the team that are going to be working with you through the planning process. Once you’ve got these two things sorted you can start checking the availability of other suppliers.
wedding dress on mannequin detail.
This dress is from
wedding dresses at wedding fair full length.
We love looking at all the pretty dresses when things quiet down at Wedding Fairs.

If you’re slightly further on in the planning process i.e. you’ve got your venue and date sorted, and this isn’t your first Wedding Fair, it can be good to have a quick chat with your partner beforehand about what you want to get out of the day. It may be that you’re open to anything and everything, in which case just go for it! But if you’ve already got some specific ideas about what you’re looking for, then go straight to the relevant stalls. However, do keep an open mind as you never know what you might find at a Wedding Fair, it’s a great place to form new ideas!

Remember, no matter what stage you’re at, going home to reflect on everything and everyone you’ve spoken to after a Wedding Fair is crucial. Take your time to look through the promo materials you’ve picked up, and also look at suppliers’ websites and social media as they can tell you a lot about the place/person and how they operate. At the end of the day however, if you find something or someone that just makes you feel happy and excited about your day, then it’s probably a done deal!

violin on table at wedding fair.

So, here are our overall tips, and a few more for good measure:

  • At the beginning? Take your time, there’s no rush. Enjoy it!
  • In the middle? Start thinking more specifically about what you want for your day.
  • Always go home and reflect on what you’ve seen, unless you’re both absolutely certain don’t book things on the day.
  • IMPORTANT – Don’t book anything without consulting your partner (unless it’s a surprise, but get a friend to check they haven’t already booked something similar!)
  • Don’t let friends and family sway you either way about a decision, if it feels right and you and your partner are on the same page then go for it!
  • Why not see if there are any other Wedding Fairs going on in the area on the same day? You can compare more suppliers while in the same frame of mind.
rolls royce silver wraith by peterborough wedding cars
“Suzie”, a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith from
rolls royce wraith by peterborough wedding cars
So shiny…

We hope this helps you on your quest to planning your perfect Wedding! If you’ve got any questions about attending Wedding Fairs, or you would like more information about the Fairs we perform at just get in touch!

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