A Harry Potter Wedding? Always.

Persil the owl before delivering the wedding rings at a Church wedding ceremony at St John's, Grantham.
Persil the Owl delivered the rings for the Church Ceremony.

Working in the wedding industry we come across some pretty amazing wedding ideas; sweetie carts, gaming casinos, photo booths… and today we got to work alongside an owl! 🦉

Today’s couple were massive Harry Potter fans and had hired an owl to fly their rings to them during their Church Ceremony! They asked us to play Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter sound track, just to make the moment a bit more special! Unfortunately it didn’t go quite as planned as the owl seemingly came down with a classic case of stage fright! All was not lost however, as everyone still got the chance to see Persil posing as his handler walked him down the aisle to deliver the rings.

After a beautiful ceremony in Grantham, we headed over to the stunning setting of Stubton Hall for the reception. Our couple had requested a mixture of songs ranging from ‘Everywhere’ Fleetwood Mac, to ‘At Last’ Etta James, and ‘Eastside’ Halsey & Benny Blanco. The guests were certainly some of the more enthusiastic spectators we’ve come across, singing and dancing along to practically every song! Such an amazing atmosphere 😆

That evening it was time for something completely different… We ditched our wedding hats and picked up our Scottish Ceilidh caps! We whizzed over to Nottingham to play for a friend’s daughter’s Wedding Ceilidh – and talk about enthusiastic crowds! They raised the roof with their whoops, cheers and laughter, it was a remarkable evening and soooo much fun!

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